Meant To Last Together


Dr. Montano is enthusiastic about the launch of her first book, Meant to Last Together.

This book will transform your view in your quest to have or hold onto your mate while exploring your strengths and vulnerabilities. It will help you discover your partner’s personality traits, including psychological issues and behaviors, that affect you and your relationship. It will give you the opportunity to enjoy a unique relationship that is  Meant to Last Together, regardless of gender. The goal is to stay in a healthy relationship by allowing your true self to experience the real challenges and happiness throughout the quest to find or stay in a strong relationship that will not fade. Meant to Last Together will help you discover the issues and obstacles in a relationship.

Meant To Last Together facilitates discovery for you and your partner by introducing practical self-help tools.  It will assist you in deciding whether you or your partner are willing to cope with various behaviors and personality characteristics such as co-dependency, grief, mental conditions, and physical limitations that could affect the relationship. It will guide you in determining whether you are willing to stay in a healthy relationship and not to get wrapped up in the wrong one. This interactive, step-by-step guide will enhance your vision about yourself and others to help you discover the road map to building a lasting relationship.

The official launch date for Meant to Last Together  will be announced soon.



  1. Hi Maritza,
    What a beautiful blessing how you are allowing our Heavenly Father to use the gifts He has bestowed on you to help others! Congratulations ☝️👏💕
    Your sister in Christ,
    Judy Peralta

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